Issue 48

“Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees, / And looks to God alone; / Laughs at impossibilities, / And cries it shall be done.”


Charles Wesley

Jesus’s Suicide

Manipulating Holy Scriptures and the U.S. Constitution appear to be acceptable practices to pack the Supreme Court, and like the Sadducees, they’re turning the body of Christ over for intentional death. Except now, the crucifixion is suicide.

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The Monster of Lake Van Buren: Part 2

“According to the talk of these fine local folk, the residents of Irondale to be exact, there’s a slew of old rumblings of a creature that lurks in the dark waters of Lake Van Buren, not half-a-mile from this very spot. A creature so vile, so ghastly, that it’s been said that even ole Satan himself tossed it back when he was fishing in his beloved lake o’ fire.”

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Editor: April Ford

Managing Editor: Nicole Byrne

Staff Writer: Emery Duffey

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